Teaching to Us Is…

… to guide a student to make connections and become an independent, self-confident, and reflective life-long learner.

To achieve this, we motivate each child to learn how to learn, by identifying the individual learning strategies and style. The emotional state of the child is key, which we carefully take into consideration on a daily basis. Doing so, we effectively find the right timings and strategies to have successful “learning moments”.

Karen’s Motivation

“I feel empowered to pass on the knowledge that I collected through my international school experiences in my childhood, to those who have similar challenges. Teaching is not only a profession to me. It is my passion!”

The Founders

It’s all about the people! So let us introduce ourselves. Here you can get to know the drivers behind HKC.

profile picture karen-helbigkoegler

Karen Helbig-Koegler

Founder | SEN Specialist


I once was told I am like a match – if struck by a small spark, I catch fire. This is certainly due to my Colombian roots. Born in Bogota, I am gifted with a strong personality, passion, and temperament. Paired with the genes of my German ancestors, this becomes a wonderful mix of joy of life and structure.

The biggest spark that has ever jumped on me is the love for children. This fire has been burning in me ever since. Therefore, after graduating from high school at the American St. Andrew’s School, FL, I dedicated myself to the pedagogical area of Special Education. After graduating with a BA from the University of Miami, I completed my Master’s degree at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Driven by helping international children grow up with different languages and master the challenges of school life, I went to the private bilingual PHORMS school in Frankfurt am Main in 2007. There I founded and developed the Special Education Needs (SEN) department. The focus is on the individual development of the student in harmony with the school. The success of the program was confirmed in December 2012 with a seal of approval from the Hessian Ministry of Culture.

My passion became my profession and I would like to pass on my experience and support to as many children, parents and teachers as possible. It is so nice to see the spark igniting and the enthusiasm for learning flare up again among my students.

profile picture Henning HELBIG

Henning Helbig

Co-Founder | Marketing Specialist

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